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Sunday, January 14, 2007


This is me getting ready to leave the Kansas City Airport at 8AM on Sunday morning.

Hello everyone, I arrived in Rome yesterday and it has been a pretty crazy experience since leaving Kansas City. The flight from Chicago to Munich was around 8 hours and it pretty uncomfortable the whole time, I couldn't sleep at all. I flew with Lufthansa and all of the stewardesses were German and incredibly nice but the meals were a little strange. For dinner we had past and cold potatoes, which wasn't too bad, but for breakfast we got a ham and cheese sandwich, a Kit-Kat Bar, and blueberry yogurt.

Munich was beautiful flying in. The sun was just beginning to rise and there was an incredibly dense fog blanketing the whole city. Only the mountains and the tops of huge Cathedrals and buildings we visible through the fog. Landing was pretty scary as you can guess, we just descended into the fog and eventually hit the runway as there was no break in the fog whatsoever.

I tried to take a picture of the GPS as we were halfway over the ocean, it was completely dark on the plane and everyone was sleeping...and I forgot I had my flash on, it light up the whole plane. Woops.

We hung out in the Munich airport for about an hour and then got on the plane to head to Rome. We sat on the plane for an hour waiting for the fog to clear a bit and then took off. When we landed in Rome we were expecting some difficulty with customs but we got off the plane, picked up our bags and just walked past a couple of security guards and were out of the airport. I even went up to one of the guards and asked him where to go if we wanted to declare something and he just shook his head and told us we could just walk out.

The ride from the airport was quite the experience too. We saw 3 wrecks and almost got into 10 more. Using blinkers and stopping at stop signs, stop lights, and for pedestrians really just aren't things that Italians like to do.

Our apartment is pretty nice, it is basically 4 bedrooms, a kitchen and a couple of bathrooms and we have a couple of large patios because we are on the ground floor. When my driver dropped me off I had a lot of trouble opening the gate to get into my apartment and ended up having to flag down the driver and have him open it for me.

This is our kitchen and ony living area outside of the bedrooms, it is a decent size and the bar is nice for me and my 8 roommates.

This is the larger of the two patios that we have. There are two bedrooms, including my own, that open out onto this patio.

This is an an ironing room that is right outside of the smaller bathroom. We have 4 sinks total, so it shouldn't be a problem when all 9 of us have to get ready in the morning.

This is my bedroom. I have the far bed and the door on the far side of the room opens up to the large patio.

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corley said...

The video is hilariuos! We miss you already and can't wait to hear about all your awesome adventures.
We are soooo jealous!

The Housebound Corleys