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Friday, February 2, 2007

The Delicious Pastry Package

Today was hands down the most uneventful day on my entire trip thus far. As some of you may have noticed, I am not the best at keeping my Blog up to date. So I pretty much devoted this entire day to my Blog (and a little bit of homework). I have made a lot of progress and will hopefully be caught back up very soon. Thanks to everyone who has been checking and reading this Blog, I hope it is not too boring to read and that the pictures are fun to look at. Ciao!

Oh, wait, I just remembered that I did do something fun today. After staying on campus all day, Monica and I came back to my house to hang out for a while and stopped at this bar on the way called the Chocolate American Bar. This bar has the best looking pastries I have ever seen before, so we picked out a few and brought them home for a snack. I decided to take a few pictures to document the opening of the delicious pastry package.

Here it is, the untouched pastry package.

With one side undone, she goes for the middle.

After the piece of tape holding the middle together is torn off we get our first glimpse of the delicious pastries.

With only a few more seconds until the pastries were free to be eaten, Monica works cardboard braces that kept the pastries from being smashed on the way home. Also, with the pastries almost in full view, Monica starts to show her true excitement.

With one brace down she starts to undo the second...

...And tears it off completely revealing the delicious pastries.


Monica is so excited that she starts to cry (not really, she just wanted me to stop taking pictures of her).

My roommates Mark and Sean watched in amazement as the delicious pastries were revealed. Then helped us finish them.


Barrett said...

Some day Monica is going to slap that camera right out of your hands. The pastries look delicious. Happy Valentines Day!!!

AdRock said...

I think she likes the attention deep down (or is just very tolerant of me). The pastries were delicious, especially the small round one. I hope you and Paige had a great Valentine's Day too.