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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Italian Way of Life

Today was very similar to yesterday. I woke up, went to school, came home, cooked dinner, and worked on homework. Today I kind of started to realize just how long it actually takes to sit down and have a good meal here. You have to buy a lot of the ingredients the day that you are going to cook because most of the food here is not prepackaged and ready to whip up in five or ten minutes. We usually have pasta and it takes time to boil the water, cook the pasta, and prepare the other ingredients that are going to be added in. It is actually kind of cool because you get time to talk to whoever you are cooking with and aren’t really concerned with everything else that you have to do.

It is amazing knowing how quick and convenient everything has to be in America and experiencing life where the exact opposite is the case. I must say that if I had to choose, I think the Italian way is the way to go (even though it can be frustrating at times). It seems like their mentality is that there are certain times where nothing else matters but spending some quality time with your friends and family. I think it’s great. It will definitely be a difficult adjustment to make when I have to come back home.

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